About Us

Megan Nguyen, owner of Growing Minds, holds a Bachelor’s in Family & Consumer Sciences in Child & Family Development  from the University of Georgia, U.S.A. While at university, Megan conducted numerous research studies in the child development field involving joint attention and literacy development in early childhood. Megan specializes in developmental assessment for children ages 0-6 and also has a special interest in emotional intelligence and self-regulation in infancy. She also holds a Montessori Certificate and incorporates the Montessori Approach into her practice.

Megans orgainisational involvement includes the Society for Research in Child Development, Early Childhood Australia, Reggio Emilia Information Exchange and the Montessori Australia Foundation. She is also a strong supporter of Kids Matter, an initiative to support the development of mental health in early childhood. 

With over 20 years of experience working with families and children from culturally diverse backgrounds, Megan works closely with parents to offer them support in areas of sleep, eating, toileting, behaviour guidance and development of milestones relating to language, gross and fine motor skills, and social development. Megan designs intervention and training programs which takes into account the different needs of families and businesses in children’s services. She believes that community education is important and strives to update parents and professionals on the most recent research findings in child development that have proven to promote independence and a healthy well being in the lives of children. 

While Megan has been living in Australia, she also served as a director of a large corporate care children’s learning centre in the CBD of Sydney. In 2008 she established Growing Minds to better serve parents and professionals in the community. In addition to running the practice, Megan serves as a Montessori Directress of Infant and Toddler Parent Programs at Northside Montessori School in Pymble.

 Megan is passionate about seeing that proper, up-to-date resources are available for parents and professionals. It was during her time as a director that she realised that many parents and staff who were eager to improve their techniques, did not have access to such information or were relying on out of date methods. It has been Megan’s ongoing goal to assist parents and professionals in feeling more empowered and confident when interacting with children. She believes that there is no greater dynamic than that between a caregiver and child.

When Megan is not consulting you can find her walking in the bush, singing and dancing, or jumping in muddy puddles with her three young children (born 2009, 2011 and 2013).