Workshop Calendar

Please check back regularly for updates as workshops are scheduled as the year progresses. Contact us to schedule an onsite workshop at your home, centre or business. Discounts are available for group trainings. See Workshop Descriptions for details on an array of topics we offer.

"Presenter very energetic and easy to understand, pulling everyone's attention together after a days work". -Participant of Documentation within the EYLF

"Megan was fantastic, very attentive and happy to answer further questions or misunderstood points".- Participant of The Ever Changing Child (Birth to Three Years) workshop

"I love the way Megan is encouraging us to join the fantasy world that the children often create, and extend on everything". -Participant from Documentation within the EYLF

"Just as energetic as when I went to one of your trainings 6 years ago!"- Participant from Settling  Children into Childcare